Dog Chapman Free On Bond

(KHNL) - Duane "Dog" Chapman is out of jail tonight, but not completely out of trouble.

The bounty hunter, his son, and brother walked out of a federal court room less than an hour ago.

Dog, Tim and Leland Chapman were in custody at the federal detention center since Thursday and went before a judge Friday afternoon for a bail hearing.

Fans of their bounty hunting reality show arrived early with signs of support.

The Mexican government wants the three in connection with their 2003 capture of cosmetics heir and convicted serial rapist Andrew Luster.

The arrest warrant charges them with illegal detention and conspiracy.

During the hour long hearing both sides argued for and against the release.

Afterwards Judge Barry Kurren approved the defenses request and set bail. He also imposed a set of conditions for the three.

They surrended their passports. They cannot leave Hawaii. They may travel interisland but only with approval. They cannot carry any firearms. They will be electronically monitored and be under modified home detention. That means they may continue with their bail bonds business and the work for their television reality show. But must be at home at all other times.

Shortly after the hearing the three Chapman's were seen on a courthouse balcony.

They'll have to come back there eventually for an extradition hearing.