Saturday Gridlock On Oahu?

Scott Ishikawa, State Department of Transportation spokesman.
Scott Ishikawa, State Department of Transportation spokesman.

(KHNL) - Expect the roads, particularly in central Oahu to be more congested with the UH game and the Philippine president coming down to visit," said Scott Ishikawa, state Department of Transportation spokesman.

First, expect westbound traffic on the H-1 Freeway to slow down when President Arroyo heads out to the Filipino Community Center in Waipahu.

That could be just about the same time that UH football fans start making their way to Aloha Stadium for the team's home opener.

"If you're going to the game and going to tailgate, best advice is to leave a little bit early," Ishikawa said.

Expect more traffic problems in the late afternoon in town as Arroyo makes her way to the veterans cemetery at punchbowl.

She will attend a wreath laying ceremony at Punchbowl between 4 and 5 p.m. The event will honor Filipino and American veterans. It will be open to the public, so expect a large crowd.

"I think Secret Service and everybody involved will do the best they can," Ishikawa said. "For security reasons we don't know the route she'll be taking."