Jetstar Prices Too Good To be True?

David May
David May

Sep 14, 2006 08:53 AM

(KHNL) A New Australian Airline is offering service to Hawaii at amazing prices!

But are those prices too good to be true?

The airline is Jetstar. It announced round trips between hawaii and australia for 2 hundred 20 bucks. The question is, where are the seats?

We received calls from viewers "saying" they couldn't find a ticket at the company's website, for anything near that fare.

Jetstar Spokesperson David May says, "We're really excited about the chance to bring more Australians to Hawaii and more Hawaiians to Australia."

Jetstar is owned by Quantas and plans to start service between Honolulu and Australia in december with flights in and out of both Sydney and Melbourne.

We logged on the company's website, but was not able to find a single seat at that bargain price.

After plugging in date, after date, after date. We finally found something available.

But after clicking on the "discounted" Jetsaver price, of 35 dollars for the departure leg, and 280 dollars for the return -- the total cost jumps to 579 dollars and 83 cents.

The numbers changed to 148 dollars for the departure -- and 430 dollars for the return.

But that's not all. The website won't let us pick a seat, nor confirm the flight.

Mays says, seats *are available at that bargain price.

"Basically we're giving the consumers the ultimate in consumer choice. the choice to keep their money in the pocket."