Bob Hogue: Candidate Profile

Bob Hogue
Bob Hogue


(KHNL) - A sportscaster turned politician Bob Hogue is 52 years old. He earned his bachelor of science from the University of Southern California. The father of four, he spends most of his free time volunteering. Hogue is a Hawaii state senator and the minority floor leader.

While Bob Hogue spends a lot of his time as a current state senator, this former sportscaster still makes time for sports.

"Sports are very much a part of my life, I continue to coach, certainly a fan, and working with young people and making sure they get better in whatever their sport is, is so very important to me" said Hogue.

Hogue also wants politics to get better, so that is why he is getting into the game on a national level, and taking a shot at the US House of Representatives.

"We need to have somebody there that delivers the positive message."

What would Hogue do in Washington? He has already drawn up a game plan after talking with people around the state.

"People want someone who is not only positive, but who has a positive message and support for our troops and the hard work that we're doing in the war on terror. And is going to go there, is going to represent small businesses. We have a lot of small businesses in the Second Congressional District."

Just as Hogue realizes it is important for kids to learn on the court, it's even more important they learn in the classroom. And that is the number one issue he wants to take to Washington.

"I've really felt that it is very important that we have best education system that we possibly can."

The anniversary of the 9-11 attacks are still in the minds of many.

"We are a nation that unfortunately is hated out there in the world by terrorists and so we must continue our commitment to fighting the war on terror."

Hogue's campaign to Congress is far from finished. He says like a basketball game, it's nearing the end of the second half. A win in the primary means he ll have to adjust and be ready for a strong run all the way to November.

"It's a race I believe we can win. It's a race I believe we will win."