Pass Go And Collect 300 Kalihiopoly Dollars

Jestacy Leano
Jestacy Leano
Farrington High School
Farrington High School

(KHNL) - While students at Farrington High School have fun during their lunch break.

We sat down for a serious game of "Kalihiopoly" with three high school seniors.

"It's different it's places that actually exist, we've been there before and seen the people who work there," explained senior, Eric Agustin.

We move our game pieces across squares that represent real people, places, and organizations.

From Kenny's restaurant to Farrington High School to Libby Manapua Shop.

"I love their manapuas, they're really good!"

The objective of Kalihiopoly.

"To own as much Kalihi properties as possible," explained Manuel Aquino, a High School senior.

The objective of the project is to make and sell the game.

Jestacy Leano had to raise close to $6,000 to manufacture the game.

She needed to convince businesses in Kalihi to buy a square.

Leano recalled, "there was just three of us, it was hard. There was pressure to make this."

$200 for a spot on the board game.

$250 for a corner space

Now it's up Aquino and Agustin to sell the games.

They need to sell at least a hundred to break even.

According to Aquino, "It's our town, why wouldn't anyone not want a game that's just for Kalihi."