Cheap Flights To The Land Down Under

(KHNL) - Sydney's signature opera house, just one of the attractions that could see more visitors from Hawaii.

"We're really excited about the chance to bring more Australians to Hawaii and more Hawaiians to Australia," said David May, Jetstar spokesman.

Jetstar, an airline owned by Qantas, plans to start service between Honolulu and Australia in December. The company plans to connect Honolulu with both Sydney and Melbourne.

"We're hoping if we do our job properly we'll double the number of australian tourists coming to Hawaii," May said.

If the sights and sounds of Australia aren't enough to entice travelers, the price could help. Jetstar is offering an introductory one-way fare of $111.

"We put prices that people want to pay, more people travel with us," May said. "So it's a simple kind of math for us that the better our fares, the more customers we have."

Jetstar's price covers airfare only. In-flight meals, entertainment and other amenities must be paid for separately.

"Basically we're giving the consumers the ultimate in consumer choice," May said. "The choice to keep their money in the pocket, to spend it on the plane when they're with us or spend it when they get to their destination."