Book 'em

You've probably heard the phrase: "Let's make sure we're all on the same page".  Well, due to the funding problems in our public schools, it might be tough for teachers and students to even be on the same book!  Yes, once again, funding choices have to be made in schools that simply don't have enough money to cover basic needs- like books.

So, aside from sharing, some schools are telling kids to go on-line or elsewhere to get information.  Well, if it was that easy, maybe some day soon kids can simply go on-line every day and won't have to even bother going to school!  Textbooks, which are overpriced to begin with, may be 15 years old or older, partly due to cost constraints.  How can you tell kids that learning is really important, then not provide them a readily available, updated, and essential tool toward that learning?

I don't know what has to get cut or why the system is failing here, but not having enough books in the hands of each student for certain subjects is obviously symptomatic of the overall funding debacle.  Yes, teaching kids to be entrepreneurial is great, but playing "Where's Waldo" with day to day school information is simply not book-smart.  Think about it...