Joe Zuiker: Candidate Profile

Joe Zuiker
Joe Zuiker

by Kristine Uyeno

(KHNL) - Joe Zuiker is a newcomer, hoping to win the race for the 2nd Congressional District.

And he's literally running for Congress.

"When I run, I remember how hard people work out there," said Zuiker.

So he's been racking up hundreds of campaign miles by foot, running on local roads and carrying promotional signs.

Zuiker says it's his hobby and an inexpensive, yet effective way to campaign.

"It's to get them to look at my website and the ideas," he said.

If elected, he says he'd work on bringing the troops home immediately.

"It's a disaster, it's a cancer on our country, it's hurting us, it's unfair. It's making more terrorists, it's costing us money," said Zuiker, who's been an attorney in Hawaii for 14 years.

He'd also try to balance the budget. And Zuiker hopes to accomplish all of this with no political experience.

"It's my first time running but luckily, it's not my first day living, I have 45 years of life experience working in state, local, county government," he said.

But why make his first run for office now at the age of 65 and a grandfather of 10?

"There's an old song from The Chorus Line where the guy's watching his sister dance and he says, I can do that. I've been watching C-SPAN for 10 years and the way I see people make decisions and mistakes they make and lack of common sense, I said, hey I can do that, I can do better than that," he said.