Capturing The Sounds Of Paradise

Darwin Chambers
Darwin Chambers

(KHNL) - Rainbows, majestic mountains, gentle breezes, sunny skies - everyday we are reminded of Hawaii's beauty. One Kauai man is trying to capture our island paradise and the aloha spirit, but he's doing it without using pictures of video.

While some people collect picturesque scenes of Hawaii, Darwin Chambers captures a part of paradise we often overlook, or tune out. He is a former Hollywood audio man who now calls Kauai home and he's gathering every tropical sound he can find in Hawaii.

"So you should be able to hear the birds fly above you and rain drip bellow you and the wind blowing behind and in front of you and so that is really is what I am looking for," Chambers said.

The views in Hawaii are so stunning Chambers says we often forget to pay attention to the sounds around us. On this recording mission, he captures the surroundings at Manoa Falls Trail. Stream water drips through the rocks, and he carefully records it at every angle possible. The he treks into an open field in the rain forest where he listens and waits for any soothing sound of nature. He wants to record it all before it becomes silent one day.

"No one's probably even capturing all the sounds and birds that might be gone forever and additionally it really is paradise," Chambers said.

Chambers uses three dimensional technology to edit it all together, eventually bringing Manoa Falls to your headphones, creating what he calls a "layered, bigger than life sound."

"If I can only bring a piece of Hawaii to some friends I guess its so hard you really have to be here its one of those things you can't just bring a photo," he said.

Chambers lives in Princeville and plans to travel to all of the islands to record the sounds of Hawaii. His albums are available on I-tunes.