Kalani High Principal's Sudden Transfer

Randiann Porras-Tang
Randiann Porras-Tang
Tiani Gillia
Tiani Gillia

(KHNL) - Kids don't always support the adults running their schools, but that's not the case at Kalani High School in East Oahu.

After 18 years, the popular, beloved principal there is transferred; a move that's angered a lot of students.

Students are taking it hard.

Instead of hitting the books today, some Kalani students armed with home made signs hit the streets .

They're protesting the transfer of their longtime principal

Kalani students line the streets and stand their ground.

Kids chime in, "We are supporting Miss Porres-Tang, Porres-Tang, we don't want a new principal coming in we want our old one back.

The state department of education suddenly transferred the Kalani principal of 18 years.

D-O-E spokesman Greg Knudson explains, "Beginning on Monday the principal will have a new position with our office of teacher certification."

Student Tiani Gillia says, "She is such a great principal. She is always there smiling, encouraging us to go to school and let us know someone cares about our education."

Education officials are not giving a reason for moving Randiann Porras-Tang. School insiders say some Kalani parents complained after the principal placed some freshmen into smaller learning groups.

The students showered her with lei as she barked out orders.

Tang says, "I love these students, they are awesome. All kids are special but our kids are extraordinary. I have been so blessed and grateful I've had this opportunity to be at Kalani High School."