Residents Hope State Learns Lessons

Mark Kurano
Mark Kurano
T. Jay Thompson
T. Jay Thompson

(KHNL) - It's still the talk of the town.

Oahu residents are still discussing Tuesday's freeway fiasco.

But what have we learned from this?

"I think the legislators need to look forward, something has to be done, whether it'd be a rail or a toll, action has to be taken," said T. Jay Thompson, driver.

"You know a simple plan, something written down as to what needs to happen in case one of our major roadways like the H-1 or H-2 goes down, some kind of alternate plan," said Mark Kurano, driver.

"I think the one lesson is they should've been prepared and had some contraflow lanes, all of the traffic was going one direction and stopped in the other. Use a little sense and get it going on the other side," said Pua Hofbauer, driver.

People who rode the city bus that day believe bus drivers could've done a better job.

"I was on the bus for 6 hours, the bus driver should've had the option to use their head and find different routes because I know a lot of people who were on different buses was smarter, went on a different route, they got home a lot faster," said Val Canlas, Mililani resident.

And at least one person believes the media needs to react sooner.

"I think they should've broadcast it locally for everybody to make accomodations for pickups, things like that," said Kurt Sibayan, Honolulu resident.

The people we talked to believe the state in general, needs to be better prepared for an event of this nature.