Grandparents' Day and 9/11

Sunday is Grandparents' Day throughout the country, Tutu Day in Hawaii, and it would be an appropriate time to remind your parents how much you appreciate what they do and mean to your kids.  Perhaps a sincere hand-written card from the kiddies would be a nice touch, too.  After all, if it wasn't for our grandparents, where would we be?  Right, we wouldn't exist.

Monday marks five years since that tragic day of terror- September 11, 2001.  It will be a day filled with solemn recollecting and melancholy pondering about how our lives and thinking in general have changed since that infamous day. It might be an especially appropriate time to remember your loved ones, telling them how much you really do care, from great aunts to spouses to grandparents.

The world and the issues that influence our lives might very well be more confusing than ever, but we can still smile with and hold and love those around us who help us stay sane and centered... not the worst thought heading into Grandparents' Day and the 5th year anniversary of 9/11.  Think about it...