New Ads Aimed at Reducing Teen Car Crashes

Su Yates
Su Yates
Tucker Haworth
Tucker Haworth
The chances of a teen getting into a crash increase for every passenger who is in the car
The chances of a teen getting into a crash increase for every passenger who is in the car

by Kristine Uyeno

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Teens killed in a car crash. It's the headline we all hate to see or hear.

A new ad campaign partially developed by teenagers for teenagers will soon hit the airwaves here in Hawaii, where car accidents are the leading cause of death for this age group.

In one spot, a teen driver sits behind the wheel, surrounded by distractions. It's a reminder that a fun time on the road can quickly turn tragic.

"The message is drive pono. That's our new expression. The teens already know they're not supposed to drink and drive. They know a lot of this stuff. But to use common sense at the moment it really counts," said Su Yates with Keiki Injury Prevention Coalition.

KIPC produced the ads, which feature Hawaii teens, like Tucker Haworth.

"It's a good cause and stuff to prevent accidents," said Haworth.

The ads will be airing just weeks after four teens died on the North Shore of Oahu. One pair died in a late night crash, the other pair while mourning them alongside the road.

According to Yates, the chances of a teen getting into a crash, increase for every passenger who's in the car.

"For instance, if there's a teen driving and there are 3 passengers, they are 300% more likely to get in a car crash," said Yates.

But Haworth, a senior at Mid-Pacific Institute, believes it's all about responsible driving.

"I just drive safe, follow the rules, watch the road constantly look for pedestrians crossing the street and stuff like that," said Haworth.

Officials hope teens will think about this message and the images before they get behind the wheel.