Massage Therapist Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teen Free On Bond

By Minna Sugimoto

WAIKIKI (KHNL) -- A massage therapist accused of sexually assaulting a teenaged client is back on the streets. Reginald Comilang is free after posting bond, and won't have to appear in court until Thursday.

Tourists staying at the hotel where Comilang works say the allegations are alarming.

From bicycling to hitting the beach, there's so much for a tourist in Waikiki to do.

"Coming to Hawaii first time ourselves, you know, and they kind of advertise, you know, massages and doing all this other stuff," Sandra Jimenez, California resident, said. "It's really exciting."

But as a guest of the Outrigger Reef, she's thinking twice about that relaxing massage.

Honolulu police charged a massage therapist working at the hotel, 45-year-old Reginald Comilang, with first-degree sex assault.

A 14-year-old girl told investigators she was getting a poolside massage, when the therapist sexually assaulted her.

"Especially a minor like this that would get some kind of a treatment like that thinking that she can be trust, you know, trust this guy to massage her in a good way, then all of the sudden crosses the line," Jimenez said. "You know, that's pretty bad."

State records indicate the suspect was licensed as a massage therapist just two months ago.

"They're trained professionals, and they know where they can go and where they can't go," Jimenez said.

Comilang works for Serenity Spa, which provides services for guests at the hotel.

On its website, the company offers to pamper, relax and refresh clients to the point of complete serenity.

"'Cause I'm older, I know that I would not allow anybody to cross the line where I'm not comfortable," Jimenez said.

Outrigger officials could not be reached for comment Monday.

Serenity Spa confirmed the suspect works for the company, but refused further comment.