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Protestors Against Turtle Bay Development

Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly
Carole Philips Carole Philips
Dee Dee Herron Dee Dee Herron

by Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - Their signs say it all. They oppose development at Turtle Bay Resort.

Toby Morris explains, "I came from Kailua. The North Shore is everyone's playground on Oahu and we want to make sure it stays that way."

For the past 20 years the owners have been planning to add as many as 35-hundred rooms.

Kevin Kelly objects, "We don't think you just dust off a 20 year old plan and to ahead with it."

Kuilima Resort Company issued this statement:

"We know that there have been misunderstandings about the intentions for the Kuilima project, and this shows us we have much more work ahead of us."

As the owners seek building permits, many feel the urgency of the situation

Kelly adds, "Right now the community doesn't want this project, we are worried about traffic. Worried about building on our coast."

Carole Phillips explains, "Our sense of urgency is we really want the city to know this project is too big for our community and we don't have the infrastructure."

Dee Dee Herron adds, "We live on a ship our island is a ship. The ship is overloaded. Where are we gonna put the sewage where are we gonna get the water.

There is an upside to the project.  Developers will add more parks and bike paths.

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