Business Owners Concerned Over Sewer Work

by Joann Shin

KAKAAKO (KHNL) - When they say auto detailing, they mean detailing here at this business on Kamakee Street.

"If all you want is a car wash and wax we can do that. if you want it buffed to show quality we can do that too," explained Pam Devenport, a manager at Two Bears Auto Detailing.

People pay big bucks for Devenport and her crew to care for their cars.

"You can go from $15 for wash and wax to $500 job."

But starting next week, businesses like Two Bears will be affected when work begins here on Kamakee Street to restore an aging sewer main

Eric Takamura with the City Department of Environmental Services explained, "We're going to use the existing pipe and put in a liner and we cut in place heated seal pipe to restore its integrity."

A kahu blessed the start of the City project this morning.

The City will spend 32 million dollars to restore aging sewer and water mains on Kapiolani boulevard.

The first phase starts on Kamakee Street.

"This pipe is 85 years old. It's pretty urgent. We need to get to it," said Takamura.

Crews will work one section at a time.

At least one lane of traffic will be allowed in both directions.

But Devenport worries about her customers.

She said, "They may hesitant to come in, because they're paying for detailing they drive out and cars get dirty again."

City officials say if the repairs aren't done, we could face another incident like the Ala Wai Sewage Spill, when 48 million gallons of sewage diverted into the canal.

"This is a small business- an independent guy who works hard to make living. He's supporting four families. If anything goes wrong one by one these guys have to go," said Devenport.