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Hawaii Remembers Governor Quinn

Mary Quinn Mary Quinn
Neil Abercrombie Neil Abercrombie
Gov. Linda Lingle Gov. Linda Lingle

Sep 1, 2006 06:02 PM

by Darren Pai

HONOLULU (KHNL) - They knew their Dad loved to sing "Danny Boy," but William Quinn's children say their father loved something else even more.

"He really believed in Hawaii," said Mary Quinn, Quinn's daughter. "He didn't believe in it as Hawaii as the Republican party or the Democrat party."

Hawaii's first elected governor, Quinn guided Hawaii's transformation from its status as a U.S territory to the 50th state.

Quinn died Monday at the age of 87. During a memorial service Friday at Star of the Sea Church, political figures from both parties remembered Quinn as a leader who treated others fairly.

"He was a guy who was a full human being," said U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie.

"He was the kind of guy who no matter what your political position had a smile for your and a hug for you that he meant."

Quinn's family remembers him as a renaissance man who loved poetry and philosophy as much as he did politics.

"He sang, he got angry, he drank, he went to mass," Mary Quinn said. "He was an excellent lawyer , he was a really good tennis player, he was a lousy golfer but he played all the time."

In a time when Democrats were coming to power, the Republican Quinn found a way to bring the islands together.

"I think he loved people and I think he loved Hawaii very much," said Gov. Linda Lingle. "He recognized in order to do what was best for the state it was better to be a person who got along even if you disagreed."

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