Armed Men Create Chaos In Kahala

Police arrest teen at Kahala Mall
Police arrest teen at Kahala Mall
Frank Fujii
Frank Fujii
Police dog searches school for suspects
Police dog searches school for suspects

By Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - Some terrifying moments in two Kahala Schools Thursday.

Police launched an all-out manhunt in the Kahala area following an island-wide crime spree by three teens.

The fear of a gun is what prompted police to take no chances.

Police say that teenaged suspect in custody has a long record and he's naming names.

Here's how it all began.

Thursday morning six Mililani students were robbed as they walked to school.

The suspects even punched one victim.

They made off with cell phones and lunch money.

Captain Frank Fujii says, "Physical force was used during the course of the robbery and one stated they saw butt of handgun being shown."

After the six robberies, the suspects took off in their stolen brown Mustang and broke into a car on the Windward side.

Capt. Fujii explains, "Around one thirty we had a reported theft from an auto at one lookout."

A witness got a description and an officer spotted the mustang parked at Kahala Mall.

Just moments before police moved in, the three teenage suspects were caught on tape in this Kahala Mall surveillance video.

Officers credit good police work for breaking this case.

First they spotted the stolen car in the parking lot then they decided to check inside the mall to see if the teens were still hanging out.

They found them inside Macy's.

The teen from Kapolei is handcuffed outside the mall. But his friends took off.

Capt. Fujii adds, "We need to treat it as such someone is out there that might be armed and very dangerous."

Officers with rifles guard Kahala Streets.

A police dog searched the school as kids hid behind closed doors.

Kukii Falahee describes her classroom.

"We were hiding under the tables and then Mrs. Ruzzon said 'hide against a wall in case the bad guys look in, they can't see us,'" she told us.

The manhunt lasted for three hours.

Police officers clutched the keiki tightly as they escorted them away from the school.

An unidentified dad scooped up his daughter, Ashlee.

"I trusted HPD to make sure everyone was safe get the bad guy, get the man," he said.

The teenage suspect taken into custody is from Kapolei.

He gave police the names of his two accomplices.

The teens face a number of charges including robbery, auto theft and breaking into cars.