Hawaii's Political Heavyweights Square Off

Suzie Murphy
Suzie Murphy

Aug 31, 2006 06:59 PM

by Darren Pai

(KHNL) - When Sen. Dan Akaka and Congressman Ed Case face off in a live televised debate, voters say they want to hear them address specific issues.

"I'd like them to address education, how they can improve the system, how they can take some of the burden off our teachers and administrators," said Lynn Fujioka.

Given the choice of two established candidates, some voters say they're looking forward to the opportunity to evaluate them side by side.

"It's tough, one day I like Ed, one day I like Sen. Akaka," said Suzie Murphy.

Some voters said they want to see how the candidates handle a live debate. The questions will be selected by debate sponsor AARP and will not be shared with either candidate or the media before the event.

"I want to have whoever's representing us to be able to think on their feet," Murphy said.

"I'm not so concerned about oratory skills. I'm much more concerned about what people do behind the scenes," said Raedeen Keahiolalo.

The debate will be the only televised event featuring both candidates, but some voters say the election won't be won or lost in one night.

"You can't make a decision just based on one television debate, I don't think," Fujioka said.