Crews Remove Trees And Soil To Secure Round Top Drive

Peter Young
Peter Young

(KHNL) - Crews remove trees and soil to secure the hillside.

"Now we're in the final part of the first phase which is taking a slope from about 60 degree angle to 45 degree angle," explained Peter Young, with the State Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Heavy rains in March caused major landslides in the area.

Crews started stabilizing the slope in July.

Young said, "the first part was removing about 27 truck loads of material that's blocking the road. then we removed 23 large trees that were in the area."

Trucks haul away debris, passing by a portion of the road washed out by the floodwaters.

Frank Uehara remembers that day.

"It went into the valley and eroded a couple properties and it covered a house we had to dig them out," said Uehara, a long time resident.

Uehara's house sits just beneath round top drive in the Maunalaha Valley.

As work continues, Round Top Drive remains closed.

Uehara says it's a minor inconvenience.

He said, "our friends that live above the hillside, they want access to town, through the short way, instead of going the long way every time."

But he says he's more interested in safety than convenience.

This first phase should be completed by mid September.

"We're going to wait whatever it takes to get it done," said Uehara.

"The work is getting done, we're trying to make it safe, so that things like this don't happen when it rains hard," added Young.