Drivers Are Seeing Some Relief At The Pumps.

Sue Bouland
Sue Bouland
Todd Payes
Todd Payes

(KHNL) - After months of increasing gas prices, the cost for regular unleaded is on its way down and experts predict it'll drop even further.

"Paying less for gas is always welcome," said Sue Bouland, driver.

"Of course I want it to go down, I wish it was free," said Michael Parker, driver.

Right now, Hawaii drivers are paying on average, $3.50 for a gallon of unleaded. But nationally, it's $2.80 and experts now predict that could decrease and drivers on the Mainland could pay closer to $2 a gallon by Thanksgiving.

"I think it's good for everyone in general because the cost of living here in Hawaii is so expensive, it all adds up," said Todd Payes, driver.

Experts say prices should fall because of sluggish demand and the end of the summer season. Drivers aren't spending as much time on the roads.

Even though drivers say they're happy prices are expected to drop, most of the people we talked to say they'd be willing to pay at the pump no matter what the cost.

"It's not that much money I'm spending. I'm spending a few hundred, it's really not that big a deal," said Parker.

"You pay for what you want to pay for and if you want gas, you'll pay no matter what the price is," said Bouland.

But others are already thinking of what they'll do with the extra cash they'll soon have.

"Put it in my boat," said Payes.

Experts believe prices will really begin to drop in a few weeks. They say after Sept. 15 it should be a downhill game.