Typhoon Ioke Barreling Toward Wake Island

Typhoon Ioke is bearing down on Wake Island
Typhoon Ioke is bearing down on Wake Island

(KHNL) Super Typhoon Ioke is inching its way toward Wake Island in the West Pacific.

Lead forecaster Roy Matsuda from the National Weather Service gave KHNL News 8 an update on Ioke Wednesday Morning.

"It's very steadily moving towards wake island at about 8 - 9 miles per hour. The width of the eye is about 20-25 miles and so this will well take it, encompass Wake Island as it moves through," says Matsuda.

Wake Island is located 23-hundred miles west of Honolulu and 15-hundred miles east of Guam. Maximum sustained winds are at about 160 miles per hour.

Forecasters at the National Weather Service say Ioke is the strongest Central Pacific tropical storm in more than a decade.

People living on Wake Island are all temporary contract workers, there are no permanent residents on the island.

On monday, two C-17 aircrafts from Hickam Airforce Base evacuated 188 people from the island.

The Evacuees are now staying in Honolulu.