New Rims Help Drivers Fight Potholes

David Silva
David Silva
Erica Teska
Erica Teska
This bent rim is on display at Lex Brodie's "tire museum"
This bent rim is on display at Lex Brodie's "tire museum"

by Stephen Florino

HONOLULU (KHNL) - During these dry summer months, road crews are making up ground against the on-going battle against potholes. Both the city and state crews say they are catching up on repaving work, after an asphalt shortage in May slowed them down.

But drivers are seeing a different story.

"Seem like they keep getting worse and worse and worse," said Alan Urie.

"When my husband is driving, I notice that he seems to hit every pothole there is, so it's better if I drive," said Erica Teska, who was getting her tires replaced because of pothole damage.

Work repairing rims and tires is constant at Lex Brodie's Tire Company in Honolulu. But managers say the number is going down.

"You can tell that they're doing their best to keep up with the potholes and keep the roads repaired," said Scott Williams, general manager at Lex Brodie's.

The worst are kept in a tire museum. Williams says one customer came in with two rims badly damaged from a pothole. One of the rims was cracked, the other was bent.

"I'd say drive slow everywhere, cause those potholes come out of nowhere," said Urie.

Or you could pick up a set of pothole-proof rims at Revolution Motorsports on Ward Avenue. The E-III brand is a new forged rim, made of the highest grade aluminum. It means they're strong, and will bend back by itself, unlike other rims.

"If you were going and whack a pothole with a spun aluminum wheel, what happen is it'll bend and sit there. and it won't come back," said David Silva, CEO of Revolution.

"That sounds perfect," said Urie, who said he was interested about picking up a set. "Because if you bend a rim, it's pretty much done."

"People worry about chrome quality," said Silva. "People worry about the wheels bending easily, and that just simply won't happen with this."

Silva says he's had no complaints from customers.

Some say this is a good weapon to combat potholes, but it's still not the best.

"I really wish for the monorail," Teska joked.

The E-III rims are sold exclusively at Revolution Motorsports. It costs about $6,000, around the same price as similar high end rims. They are guaranteed, so if they are damaged, the company replaces them for free.