Work On Kahala Theatres Expected Soon

By Paul Drewes

(KHNL) - Consolidated announced plans for reconstruction of theatres damaged by a spring flood. That could help Kahala Mall on their long road of recovery.

Because as those waters roared through the mall in March, it did more than just flood floors and damage stores.

It also took away a reason many come into Kahala Mall.

Its a slow Monday night at the mall, but that has become the norm after the March flood forced the theatres to close.

That means fewer customers for Merle Norman Cosmetics and other shops at the mall. And lots of talk of a difficult year.

"Everyone has been talking about how its been a lot slower in the evenings - slower during the day too but especially in the evening," says Gina Lovern of Merle Norman Cosmetics.

Kahala Mall has tried to bring in more shoppers by running promotions like, their miles at the mall program, where customers get four Hawaiian Air miles for ever dollar spent in the evening.

"That's helped, but still no where near the traffic we would get if the theatres were here," says Lovern.

So many who work at the mall are excited about the plans from Consolidated.

Construction on the damage theatres is expected to start in three to four weeks and that could have the movies running again by the end of the year.

"If that happens, then that would bring a lot of people to the mall - again."

So having the silver screens return, could turn into a golden opportunity for struggling stores and also make the mall a center of activity -- once again.

"The theatres bring people to the mall and when they're in the mall, they wander around to the stores or even just to hang out. It creates excitement just to have a lot people at the mall."