Fast Food Restaurants Offer Employment Bonus

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

by Kristine Uyeno

HONOLULU (KHNL) - If you're looking for a new job, you may have the upper hand.

The state's tight labor market is making it difficult for employers, including some fast food restaurants, to fill vacant positions.

So some are offering new workers employment bonuses.

"If an employee is a cashier or a cook comes in, we offer them a $100 bonus if they fulfill a 90-day work requirement," said Steve Johnson, general manager for Burger King and KFC Hawaii.

Assistant managers get a $500 bonus after they pass a probationary period.

"I mean Hawaii's economy is good. You see Waikiki, you see the Neighbor Islands, you see everything's busy which is great for our economy. It just seems like there's more jobs than people," said Johnson.

Company officials would like to hire at least 200 people at Burger King and KFC restaurants statewide. If they don't fill these positions, they may double those employment bonuses.

New employees will earn minimum wage, and more at other locations, such as Kona where there is a great need for workers. In fact, they've been flying Oahu employees to the Big Island to help cover shifts.

Pizza Hut Hawaii is reportedly having a tough time filling positions in Kona as well. Management is also flying Oahu workers to the Big Island to help.