Hot! Hot! Hot!

Darren Yee
Darren Yee

WAIPAHU, Oahu (KHNL) Meet Samson. A man of few words, but he will tell you this:

"Hard to do the job, too much hot!" said Grace Pacific employee.

Crews prep Farrington Highway in Waipahu before repaving it.

Samson's job today is to re-stripe. He walks up and down the street, as the sun beats down on him. Paint here. Paint there. Then recharge and start again.

He says it's rough out here. But there are some benefits.

He explained, "lose weight and good exercise."

Then there's Darren Yee.

"We've been here since 7:30 or 8 o'clock," Yee explained.

And that was six hours ago. And they're still out here.

According to Yee, "We're usually dying anyways. It's usually hot."

But lately Yee says, "It's been really hot, really hot!"

Plus the light Southeast winds have carried VOG across the state, making for hazy skies.

Yee shared his way of coping, "Drink more water. Keep the fluids in."

With August and September being the hottest months of the year, there could more days like this.

"I can not believe. Too hot!"