The Future Of Hawaii

Navillalynn Navarrete
Navillalynn Navarrete
Senator Russell Kokubun
Senator Russell Kokubun

Aug 26, 2006 10:59 PM

By Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - As the sun sets many hope the papio will bite. And some wonder what the future holds. How will the fish be biting in the year 2050.

Navillalynn Navarrete fears, "I know there won't be that much fish if people keep throwing nets and leaving it."

Community leaders met today to discuss future scenarios.

Big Island Senator Russell Kokubun says, "We realize we have finite resources here. Our land source is finite we need to be concerned about our water resources.

Increased local food production could limit our dependence on imports.

Navarrete adds, "They bring stuff here and you have to pay for the product and the shipping price."

Some shudder to imagine what the commute will be like in the future.

Navarrete admits, "With the traffic, it hasn't gotten any better so I doubt it will get better."

Navarrete worries about the price of fuel, "Unless they can come up with cars that can live off the solar, that would be good."

"It will be hard to live here. You can't even live here now with the pay rate, the ecomony. People living here need two jobs." says Navarrete, "You see the people living on the beach. The cost of living is just crazy."

Sen. Kokubun worries, "I think the concern is our love for Hawaii and what the future of Hawaii will be."

Community leaders hope planning today will lead to a brighter future.