Prostitution Free Zone May Expand

Hazel Izumi
Hazel Izumi
Rod Tam
Rod Tam
Maj. Kevin Lima
Maj. Kevin Lima

By Joann Shin

(KHNL) - Chinatown residents are fed up with prostitutes in their neighborhood.

And they say, something needs to be done about it. Now, the city council may be willing to help.

We can't show her face or tell you her name. But we can say she's a prostitute who works in Chinatown. She describes what it's like on the streets.

"Pretty slow," she says.  "They had a bunch of drug busts yesterday, yeah."

As she gets chased out of a parking lot, she told us, "Security- they're going to kick me out."

Hazel Izumi is fed up. She wants prostitutes out of her neighborhood.

"It's like a circus when you ride around here. It's like a circus. They're here all day long. It's not only at night time," said Izumi, who's lived her for more than 30 years.

She walks her daughter and grandchildren to their car, because she's worried about their safety.

"I'm living in fear. I'm living in fear," said Izumi. "Right now there's no law, so they're free to come here. We're citizens and we have no rights or protection here."

Besides putting more police on the streets, the City Council may have another solution.

Councilman Rod Tam said, "We're going to create a prohibiting prostitution zone, extending from Downtown all the way to Chinatown."

Currently prostitutes arrested in Downtown are banned from the area from 6 at night to 6 in the morning. The council may expand that area to cover all of Chinatown.

According to Major Kevin Lima with the Honolulu Police Department, "It is not the tool that will solve prostitution, yes. But it is a tool and the more tools we have the more we can utilize."

Until then, this prostitute is staying put. We ask her if she would leave.

She answered, "Um no. Only if I got busted, right?"