Residents Want Tougher Laws Against Downtown Prostitution

Alden Kamaunu
Alden Kamaunu

Aug 26, 2006 11:04 PM

by Darren Pai

(KHNL) - Downtown Oahu residents say they're "fed up" with prostitutes taking over their streets every night.

Honolulu Police say they've seen prostitution downtown double in the last year.

Now some area residents want to make it illegal for convicted prostitutes to even step foot on the streets near their homes.

Residents of Kukui Plaza see prostitutes plying their trade every night.

Alden Kamanu, "People don't feel safe going to Longs or Safeway at night. They don't feel safe walking on the streets."

Prostitution may have lead to a shooting death in downtown Honolulu last month.

But residents say this problem is nothing new, "it's been a problem going on ten years. Off and on you have different kinds of prostitutes coming into the area."

Besides putting more police on the streets, the city council may have another solution.

Currently prostitutes arrested in parts of downtown are subject to enhanced penalties. The council may expand that area to cover all of Chinatown.

For now folks downtown say they're tired of sharing their streets.