Mystery Surrounds Stolen Milk Crates

Mark Tonini
Mark Tonini

(KHNL) - Meadow Gold Dairies is missing nearly ten thousand of these crates. They are asking the public to be on the lookout for their stolen property.

These cool crates come in a variety of colors and patterns.

they can be used to stack, store and as one fisherman discovered, catch crabs.

But if you have one, it's considered stolen property.

Dairy Fleet Manager Mark Tonini explains, "Basically getting them back is a big deal for us."

The Dairy uses the crates to carry gallons of milk, juice and yogurt to their customers.

Most of the cubes go missing from outside supermarkets.

Valued at five bucks each, dairy officials want them back.

Tonini confirms, "We have been going through the swap meet at aloha stadium collecting milk cases, also know the homeless people have hundreds of them. Students at UH have hundreds of them. They use them for book cases and miscellaneous storage. "

In order for Meadow Gold to keep the price of milk down, they are asking for their crates back.

Ever since the company went public with it's plea there have been sightings.

"We have been getting calls telling us where 2-3 up to 20 are. We've had people come to our yard and drop them off. We've gone out to sites and picked them up so we are following up on the calls." says Tonini.

You can return crates to Meadow Gold Dairies on Sheridan Street or they will even pick them up. No questions asked.