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Moldy Complaints Plague Aliamanu Military Reservation

Barbara Feller Barbara Feller
Steven Grimes Steven Grimes

by Diane Ako

ALIAMANU (KHNL)- Families living at Aliamanu Military Reservation say their rental homes look bad and smell worse. At one home on Gardenia Loop, there's mold in the walls. The residents- Barbara and Mike Feller- say it's a health hazard that's given Barbara pneumonia, and now possibly asthma.

She says all her neighbors have the same mold problem. "The kids and I have situations where we'll just bust out coughing violently. It's like you're going to cough out your lungs. It just comes out of nowhere."

However, Army Hawaii Family Housing says it takes every complaint seriously. Manager Steven Grimes says, "The best thing any resident can do who has a mold problem is to contact their community center and we'll come and assess the situation."

The Army demolished some of those moldy homes already, with plans to build new ones. And the fellers are scheduled to have one of the new ones early next year.

The Army says the new homes have more ventilation and insulation to combat mold growth. It's part of a 10 year military family housing privatization project that will include the construction of more than 4,050 homes, renovations to more than 3,400 existing residences, and repairs to 386 historical homes.

This represents the largest military family housing privatization project in the United States and will affect thousands of Hawai'i families as well as workers vying for subcontracting jobs. The project includes Aliamanu Military Reservation, Fort Shafter, Wheeler Army Airfield, Helemano Military Reservation, Tripler Army Medical Center and a Coast Guard housing area at Red Hill.

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