A Day With The Dog

Dog Chapman sits with DJ Barnby
Dog Chapman sits with DJ Barnby
DJ Barnby and Steven Eltz visit with Dog and Beth Chapman
DJ Barnby and Steven Eltz visit with Dog and Beth Chapman
Steven Eltz
Steven Eltz
Barb Eltz
Barb Eltz

By Joann Shin

(KHNL) - He's Hawaii's notorious bounty hunter with his own reality show on A&E.

And Thursday night, some special fans got to meet "Dog" the bounty hunter, face to face!

Looks like the "Dog" has some competition.

Meet 7 year old DJ Barnby from Alabama.

He's legit, right down to the tattoos.

"My mom won't let me have real tattoos," explained Barnby.

He's waited two years to meet Duane "Dog" Chapman.

"Because he catches bad guys," said DJ.

The one romancing Beth, Dog's wife is 15 year old Steven Eltz.

"Beth- I have a crush on her!" said Eltz. He's from North Dakota.

He's dressed to impress with his "Chick Magnet" tee. .

"It attracts girls better," said Eltz.

Both have life-threatening diseases.

And both dreamed of meeting the Dog.

Make a Wish Foundation made that happen.

"To have them want to meet us is more than honor," said Chapman, Hawaii's bounty hunter.

The two became fans by watching the popular A & E reality show.

And on this day, they got in on the action.

The crew was shooting for a future episode.

"I get to be on t.v." <:47>

"He was just star struck. He was just standing there," said Beth Barnby, DJ's mother.

It was quite a trip for Chapman as well.

"I'm amazed that kids of that age would like the show. Very scary. Be very careful dog, because people are watching," said Chapman.

It may only be one day with the Dog.

But it's one experience that will last a lifetime.

Barb Eltz, Steven's mother said, "That was the best thing ever. He's been through a lot for someone his age."

"When you have a child that has something life threatening, I think you treasure the little things more and it's really special," said Barnby.

Dog Chapman receives around 7000 meeting requests a week.

The kids will be featured in an episode that airs next season.

That season begins in November.