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Rising Construction Costs

Les Kempers Les Kempers
John Teichert John Teichert
KHNL News 8's Beth Hillyer standing alongside steel cable KHNL News 8's Beth Hillyer standing alongside steel cable

by Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - Commercial and high rise residential construction in Hawaii is booming but as the high rises go up so do costs for eventual owners and tenants.

Many projects across the state are way over budget due to a variety of factors including the high price of steel and concrete.

Several high rise condominium projects are under construction on Oahu. But before you build up you have to drive piles down.

Les Kempers with GPRM Prestress explains, "most buildings in Waikiki require pile footings you see behind us. The pile is driven down to a ledge of coral that would support the building."

You'll be paying more for that new condo due to the cost of piles and other construction materials.

Les Kempers says, "The prestress steel and spirals over the last few years has doubled so the price has gone up substantially for those material costs as well as concrete."

Those planning a new visitor center at the USS Arizona Memorial are among those hardest hit by rising construction costs.

Project Manager John Teichert does the math, "Construction factors have increased the cost from what we originally thought. It was going to be a 20 million dollar project with the building and exhibits is now pushing 35-36 million."

That's 15 million in two years. A huge concern since private donations will fund the new visitor center.

Labor costs are also on the rise. And just think about all the gas it takes to truck the piles to the jobsite. Overall construction costs that will ultimately be passed onto the consumer.

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