Men Lost at Sea Face Shocking Allegations

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Three men rescued at sea after claiming they survived nine harrowing months on the open ocean, now find themselves, in even "deeper" trouble.  The men arrived in Honolulu Wednesday and are now facing some shocking allegations.

Through an interpreter the men claim they had food and water for just a few days.

So they were forced to survive on rain water, and "raw" fish and seagulls.  Salvador Ordonez said he survived in part by drinking the blood of ocean animals.

But neither of the other men told the same story and back in Mexico City, authorities say many other parts of their stories don't match up.  This has lead authorities to suspect the men may not have been fishing for sharks like they claim, but rather involved in drug trafficking.

The three survivors deny those accusations. As well as speculations that they ate the bodies of two other men who supposedly starved to death on board. Those two men are missing.  The Mexican government says it will investigate the two deaths and all other aspects of the survivors' story when they return.  But for now, the three have a quite a fishing tale.