More Details Emerge As Mourners Gather Again At Tragic Site

Shelly Mau
Shelly Mau
Ross Mau
Ross Mau
Friends and family gather at roadside memorial
Friends and family gather at roadside memorial

By Paul Drewes

(KHNL) - The teenaged driver of a fatal crash last weekend in Hauula was legally drunk, according to the City Medical Examiner's office.

They say 15-year-old Pepe Naupoto had a blood alcohol level of .083% when he died in the crash. That's above the state's legal limit.

16-year-old Alithia Ah Nee also died in that crash early Saturday morning.

Later that night, at a roadside gathering to remember those killed, another accident killed two mourners.

Summer Mau was one of those killed.

And Wednesday evening friends and family gathered to let go of this North Shore woman as they hold onto their loved ones.

As mourners display signs and balloons at the roadside memorial along Kamehameha Highway, their emotions are also clearly on display.

They cry for the loss of Summer Mau.

And cry because they now realize how precious life is.

"Its important to let your kids know how much you love them and for the kids to let your parents know how much they love them because you never know," said the victim's mother, Shelly Mau.

Along with the public memorial, the Mau family has also been grieving privately, since the weekend.

"Its times when nobody is around, that's when I mourn for my daughter," said the victim's father, Ross Mau.

At this family's dark hour, there has been one bright spot.

The outpouring of support, calls and comfort from the community. And for that -- they are grateful.

"There's just been so much love for my daughter...the phone calls I've been getting - I just want to say thank you," said Summer's father.

Some who gather at this memorial, were also here during the accident Saturday night.

Including Summer's brother and sister and their first time back is a painful return.

"Bringing them here facing it head on again, hopefully, will bring some kind of closure to them to help them heal," said Mau.

Because while the physical injuries from those involved in the accidents are starting to heal, the emotional wounds are still wide open.

"Emotionally , I don't think they will ever heal. It will always be in the back of their minds," said Shelly Mau.

Summer's funeral services are being planned for September 2nd.

Meanwhile, because of the deadly crashes along Kamehameha Highway, North Shore police have stepped up their speed patrols.