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Life's "Simply Grape" For Mililani Couple Turned TV Stars

Lael And Nick Keeler Lael And Nick Keeler
Lael Keeler Lael Keeler
Nick Keeler Nick Keeler

By: Diane Ako

HONOLULU (KHNL)- Two Hawaii residents turned reality tv stars are adjusting to life after being featured on a national tv show. The couple competed on NBC's The Biggest Loser on February 8, 2006.

The Biggest Loser rewards the person or team who loses the most weight. They worked out 5 hours a day during the 4 month shoot! Nick started at 251 pounds, and at the final weigh in was 183. Lael was 164 and at the end was 127. The Keelers lost 111 pounds while they were taping the show.

After the show, they opened a wine shop and reality settled in. Nick says, "Now with real life going on we don't have 5 hours a day. We've managed to figure how to get an hour of exercise a day into our schedule."

They put some of that weight back on while they were opening their new wine store Simple Grape in Downtown Honolulu, but they are working very hard to take it off again. Lael says, "We made the lifestyle change. I do try to make an hour of my time for exercise."

Their dramatic change outside- affected them inside. Lael says, "It gave me confidence when I saw myself on tv. I'm able to express myself. I have my own business. I have confidence to talk to all my customers." So though they weren't the biggest losers, they found they still walked away winners.

The 2 hour season premiere of NBC's The Biggest Loser is on September 20. There is a Honolulu resident on this season's show as well.

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