Vote Note

If you didn't register to vote by last Thursday, you can't vote in the upcoming primary election. The election is three weeks away, but sorry- you can't play.  Why is that?  We have such an abysmal voting record here, shouldn't the state and political hierarchy do everything in their power to bring more voters into the booth?  Why can't a valid driver's license suffice to register on the day of the election?  Other states let people register right up to the moment of voting.

Why can't people register up until the day of the election, or at least the week before?  We all know how last minute some people are, so why are we making this fundamental right more difficult than it has to be?  And what about a last-minute reminder campaign to make sure that relatives and neighbors help those that need a lift to get to the polls?

Cynics say that nothing changes here, that their single vote doesn't matter.  Well, perhaps if more of you voted, things would change, things would get done.  For those who didn't sign up, the general election is November 7- and you still have time to sign up now.  Think about it...