Un-Fair Weather Fans

As supposed fans of UH sports complain year after year about various issues like ticket prices, parking problems, weak opponents, bland concessions, and poor weather, one thing has become apparent.  We have fast become a market of fair-weather fans.  When our team is rolling, we will come out in support- maybe... But if we smell disappointment in performance vs. expectations, the excuses start up.  Hawaii fans have always been considered warm, loyal, supportive fans.  That's still true, but there simply aren't enough of these fans right now.

There are 21,500 seats at Aloha Stadium that do not require a premium seat payment.  Tickets for UH events have never been easier to come by- especially on-line.  People have come up to me over the years and said, "what's wrong with the Wahine?", when our volleyball team was ranked # 5 and is 18-3.  Please, let's be realistic, folks.  If we want to play hard and beat top notch teams and host post-season events, you have to support the teams- all of the time, not just when they're in 1st place.

Anyone can show up and hope we beat USC or BYU, but that doesn't mean we can turn away when lesser opponents come to town or when we don't succeed.  Actually, we can do that, but then we should accept mediocre teams and the reality that we have become mediocre, fair-weather fans, at best.  Think about it...