School Scores

We are being told that yet another mediocre year of school test scores has some positive signs. Of course it does- when you have 282 schools keeping score, someone's got to move up!  Here's a radical idea- instead of schools letting out at 2:30 most days, how about an extra period each day of forced study time- it would help the kids, it would help to alleviate after-school parental concerns, and teachers could simply proctor the study halls while they take care of some of their work.

How about taking the success stories from schools that DO improve annually, and putting that info out to every other school?  Success can breed success, and imitation is not only the highest form of flattery, in this case it would be a smart move.  And how about getting the parents more involved from day one?  How about active parent internships, monitoring, or tutoring for those who have the time?

Something's got to be done, as 66 % of our public schools did not meet the national "No Child Left Behind" standards for the past two years in Hawaii.  Perhaps other states have ideas that can be implemented here.  Please, let's do more than just think about it...