How High Should Hawaii's Gas Prices Be?

By Paul Drewes

(KHNL) - While gas prices have started to drop across the country, they are still high here.

And there is even more discouraging news to report for drivers tired of paying so much at the pump.

Hawaii's high gas prices have left some numb to the numbers.

"I don't pay too much attention to it, but I can tell it's getting more expensive," said Kaneohe Resident Kris Austin.

According to AAA, the average for a gallon of gas across the state is $3.35. Right around where its been all summer.

So when was the last time you remember a gallon of regular unleaded for less than three bucks?

"Oh, its been a long time! A long time," a frustrated driver told us.

"About 5-6 months ago," added another.

March was the last month the statewide average was below three dollars.

But now at the Iwilei Costco, gas is $2.99 for regular unleaded.

While that is still higher than what we were paying a year ago, for some, the pain at the pump is not quite as painful.

"Its helps a little bit, feels a little better," said Honolulu resident, Sonny Garcia.

But the majority of other gas stations have prices ten, twenty even twenty-five cents higher. And people don't seem to mind.

But what if you found out - IF there was still a gap cap, Honolulu's price would be set at $3?

According to our news partner, the Honolulu Advertiser, Honolulu's current average of $3.24 is about a quarter higher than we'd be seeing WITH the gas cap.

Monday, the price would have dropped by twenty four cents.

There are hopes gas prices will continue to drop.

"I'm hoping that it will get down to where we can afford it to drive a car again," said Kahala Resident Walter Bailey.

But others may be hoping we get down to what our prices would be with the gas cap.

And here's something else to think about, according to the Advertiser numbers, if the gas cap was still here - prices at the pump would drop about a dime next week as well.