Police, Community Work to Clean Up Kapaa Quarry Road

Wes Mundy
Wes Mundy

KAILUA, Oahu (KHNL) - Kapaa Quarry Road is known to many as a dumping ground for abandoned cars, and other junk. But Honolulu Police say they can keep the road clean with the public's help.

More than a dozen cars lie in the trees just off the road. Police say some were simply abandoned by their owners. Others were stolen and stripped of their parts before being dumped. Several community groups have started cleaning up the area, and they've hauled off more than just cars.

"We've seen an increase in everything from furniture, refrigerators, commercial refrigerators, stoves, seats, parts of vehicles, whole vehicles, vehicles that are stolen, vehicles that are abandoned for one reason or another" said State Conservation Enforcement officer Wes Mundy.

The state took over jurisdiction of the area from the city about a year ago. Since then, both Honolulu Police and State Conservation officers have increased patrols along the road.

Both agencies say the public can help by reporting any illegal dumping seen in the area.