Test Finds No Drugs in Driver's System

Shelly Mau
Shelly Mau
Ross Mau
Ross Mau

by Minna Sugimoto

HAUULA, Oahu (KHNL) -- There's new information about the 21-year-old Waiahole woman who was driving a car that plowed into a group of people mourning an earlier fatal crash. A preliminary test found no drugs or alcohol in the driver's system. But police say speed was a factor.

Like tears from heaven, raindrops fall on two separate makeshift memorials along Kamehameha Highway. This is where four young people lost their lives Saturday.

"I don't think the real shock has set in yet," Shelly Mau, victim's mother, said. "I think, I think the shock sets in once everyone's gone and nobody, you know, stops coming around."

Her daughter, 20-year-old Summer Mau, and 16-year-old Orem Kauvaka were killed when a car slammed into them on the side of the highway. The two were among a group of people mourning the loss of 16-year-old Alithia Ah Nee and 15-year-old Pepe Naupoto, who died in a crash earlier that day.

"When I got there, not knowing that my daughter, they were working on my daughter, just a sight to see that the vehicle involved wrapped around the pole," Ross Mau, victim's father, said.

But the driver of that mangled car survived. Family members say a test performed at the hospital found no drugs or alcohol in 21-year-old Tiati Kane's system. Police now confirm that.

"There's anger," Roger Mau said. "But just growing up in the church, there's a process of forgiving, yeah."

The Maus say the community's support is helping them get through each day. Shelly Mau describes her daughter for those who never got the chance to meet her.

"She would just give anything, the shirt off her back for anyone," she said. "They're missing out. They missed out on such a wonderful person."

The driver's blood sample is expected to go through further testing. Her family members say they're also searching for answers, and they extend their condolences to the victims' families.