Witness Describes Crash That Killed Two Teens

Paki Tofa
Paki Tofa

Aug 19, 2006 10:28 PM

HAUULA (KHNL) - On Saturday morning the horrific crash on the North Shore has affected many in a close knit community. The crash happened early Saturday morning on Kamehameha Highway near Kaupau Place. A teen boy and girl were killed, and three more were seriously hurt.

This deadly accident has also had an emotional impact on those who saw the teens die.

After dropping off his wife at work, Paki Tofa was on his way home when he came across the crash. He was shocked to find out that he knew the victim he was trying to help.

In broad daylight, you can see the mangled wreckage that claimed the lives of two teenagers.

Paki Tofa saw it moments after it happened.

"I didn t think it was an accident. Until I came closer and there was debris all over the road" said Tofa.

Police say just before 4:30 Saturday morning, the driver of the car apparently lost control, and crashed into two utility poles and knocked out a fire hydrant.

Tofa saw a girl lying on the street waving him down. He stopped to help and realized he knew her.

"The last time I saw that girl she was a little tyke you know. So, in fact I didn't even recognize her when I pulled up, actually saw her coming towards us."

While another passerby tended to the girl, Tofa went to check a boy nearby. Tofa says the boy was unresponsive.

"Soon as we knew he passed on, cause he didn't wake, we just put a jacket over his head and just waited for emergency."

Tofa describes the scene as frantic. Two other boys in the car were running around, calling 911. Another girl jumped out of the car, and ran away. Tofa says the girl who waved him down eventually closed her eyes, like she was going to sleep.

But she would not wake up.

"It was kinda hard. It was shocking. Cause I saw her alive for a moment you know. First time ever I seen that or ever run into it.  And I hope I never do see that again."

The medical examiner identified the victims as 15-year old Pepe Naupoto, and 16-year old Alithia Ah Nee. Police say it appears speed was a factor in the crash, but they are not sure if the driver was drunk. They say no one was wearing their seat belt.

Many in the north shore community are stunned by this latest tragedy. Students say the boy and girl killed in the crash went to Kahuku High School.  All five teens in the crash were from Kahuku and Hauula.