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UH Students Return from Rural Healthcare Internships

Sasha Sullivan Sasha Sullivan
Jan Shoultz Jan Shoultz

by Diane Ako

MANOA (KHNL)- There's a Hawaiian saying that all knowledge is not taught in the same school. That's why a group of University of Hawaii students spent part of their summer working on Molokai. They went to learn about rural health care in a forum they couldn't duplicate in a college classroom.

These UH students are just back from a 6 week internship on the neighbor islands. They're sharing their experiences in a group meeting today. "It was a really mind opening experience," says student Sasha Sullivan. "We got to learn a lot about ourselves and the community in Molokai. We got to do a lot of things such as learning about nature, working with the people."

Project director Jan Shoultz says, "Them being able to go to rural communities and consider practicing as a health practitioner in a rural community."

The students went to islands like Molokai. They learned being a rural doctor means teaching, too. "We taught them how to take vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate, things like that," says Sulivan.

Shoultz expands, "They work with community health centers and community centers. They provide services across the lifespan for children and elders."

They learned more than they bargained for. "There was a lot of spiritual connection on Molokai and I've never experienced that. I grew up here all my life and that was my first time to Molokai."

About half the students that go through this program end up finding work at a rural health clinic. The students spend their practicums at 6 communities on the Big Island, Kauai, Lanai, and Molokai.

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