Concert Fundraiser for Burned Out School

MANOA (KHNL)- Its been two months since a massive fire tore thru the University of Hawaii Lab School burning part of it to the ground. Since that time there have been efforts to keep the school going, and those efforts got a big boost tonight!

Cool island sounds make up for the fiery hot blaze on June 13. Michale Tokushige's child attends the school. "The funds that we're raising are great. Kids need all these different programs."

This massive fire caused over $6 million in damage and forced many to spend their summer cleaning up what is left of the school. Tracy Teixeira works at the school. "We have been working effortlessly since the fire to retask the classroom."

If that isn't enough to make those who love the school to smile, then maybe this is. Tonight, students, parents and alumni got a boost from local entertainers and comedians who volunteer to be a part of this end of the summer show. While the money will help to rebuild the campus, the giving will help to boost the school spirit, shared by many who have been a part of the lab school, like Lanning Lee of the class of 1972. "Its the Lab School; we're used to dealing with adversity. It's going to be difficult but we can do it. It's not just about money, it's about raising awareness- raising support. It's not just about a dollar and cents sign."

Fall classes for the UH Lab School start on Monday. Portable classrooms aren't expected to arrive on campus until the end of the year.