Federal Rules Ban Local Products

Lani Weigert
Lani Weigert

(KHNL) - It's grown in fields on the slopes of Haleakala. Packaged in bottles for sale, lavender has brought the sweet smell of success to one local company.

But as Alii Kula Lavender prepares for the Made in Hawaii Festival, a new problem has emerged.

"Something like our lavender poha jam, that would be considered liquid so they'd have to wrap it up and put it in their luggage," said Lani Weigert, the company's marketing director.

Many local products fall under new federal rules banning airline passengers from packing liquids, lotions and gels in carry-on luggage.

"It will truly affect those specifically travelling between the islands as well as those going back to the mainland because it will cause them to check in much earlier," Weigert said.

Many of the products made locally will to be packed away in checked baggage.

"They'll have to put their products in their luggage in order to travel with it. And that will probably cause inconvenience," Weigert said.

When their products come from such a unique place, some companies aren't too worried because their customers are looking for something with the flavor of hawaii.

"I think they're willing to risk that," Weigert said. "Just so they can take home a little of Maui with them."