America Thanks It's Airborne Soldiers

HONOLULU (KHNL)- Today is National Airborne Day! Hawaii joined states across the country in honoring Hawaii's paratroopers.

The state honored 5 retired paratroopers for their achievements. There was a ceremony at the state capitol today. The invention of paratroopers changed the way America fought wars. The governor proclaimed this day "State Airborne Day."

81 year old Hugh Ames is a veteran paratrooper living in Kailua. He spent 33 years in the Air Force and Army and has been pushing for years to get a Hawaii chapter of paratroopers off the ground. "Here are many airborne troopers in Hawaii and if we could just get together once a year and remember what we did and bring in the people that were jumping and those that will be jumping."

Ames says he wants to do this before he dies. If you graduated from an accredited parachute or glider school call Ames at 261-1536. You can join the local chapter and celebrate with Ames.