The Real Message

Lots of people running for lots of offices, and you know how bad Hawaii's track record is when it comes to voting.  It's encouraging to hear more and more people talk about the candidates as primary election day is five weeks away.  The problem is- it's just talk if you don't vote.  The problem is, just talking about candidate names and surface issues does not best serve you or your family. Go on-line, go to a public forum, watch an upcoming debate, but read the details.

Anyone can say something catchy or promise empty platitudes about making a difference or supporting education or loving mom and apple pie, but the devil is always in the details. What do these many candidates really stand for?  How do they really differentiate themselves from the opposition?  How is any one aspiring candidate going to truly make a dynamic difference for our citizens and our state?

If you don't look for that candidate information, shame on you.  If you can't get that vital information beyond the rhetoric, then you probably should look to cast your vote for someone else. So take the time to get  the real message, and before you vote, think about it...