HPD Officer Free of Charges After Killing Maili Man

(KHNL) -- A Honolulu police officer who shot and killed a man three months ago will not face criminal charges.

Tuesday, city prosecutors announced they're declining the case against SWAT officer Wayne Silva. Silva shot 47-year-old Tracy Peters in the head and stomach during a standoff May 13th.

It happened near homes on Kaukama Road in Waianae. Prosecutors say the convicted felon had already fired his shotgun several times and threatened to shoot officers. They say Silva's decision to use deadly force was justified.

"He went beyond the call because he was trying to keep the community safe and he saved lives," Don Pacarro, deputy prosecutor, said. "People there were deathly afraid of Mr. Peters."

Prosecutors say Peters had crystal meth and marijuana in him when he died.

Officer Silva remains on the SWAT team.