Local Jewish Community Closely Follows Middle East Conflict

Rachel Ahuvia
Rachel Ahuvia

HAWAII KAI, Oahu (KHNL) - In the Middle East, there's more bloodshed despite a cease-fire imposed by the United Nations.

And this turmoil halfway around the world is being closely watched by a Hawaii woman who believes Israel and Lebanon won't find peace until Hezbollah fighters leave the area.

Rachel Ahuvia grew up in Israel. Her mother, daughter and siblings still live in the country. But she's confident they're safe.

"I most care about the soldiers. Because my daughter in Tel Aviv, I know she's not in the battlefield, my mother for sure not in the battlefield," said Ahuvia.

She says the recent developments and violence frustrate and sadden her.

Lebanese, Israeli and U.N. Officers met on the border to talk about the withdrawal of Israeli forces in Southern Lebanon and the deployment of the Lebanese army there.

"If they will do their job and clear the Hezbollah, we have hope," said Ahuvia.

She believes the cease-fire is useless and forcing Hezbollah out of the area is the only way people of both countries will find some peace.